What to do after a Hair Transplantation?

When you come home after having a hair transplant, the first thing you want to know is what to do after a hair transplantation or how to take care of your transplanted hair graft. Transplanted hair needs care for initial 2-3 weeks to grow fully strong. At Cosmo-Hair Clinic (hair transplant in Jaipur), before leaving the clinic for hair transplant patients, we explain what to do after a hair transplant and the rules and methods of hair care at home. Let’s have a simple discussion here about questions like what to do after a hair transplant.

What to do after a hair transplant?

Let us tell you what to do after a hair transplant? After the hair transplant, some precautions must take at home. Hair transplant surgery does not require prolonged sedation, but if you have been sedated, avoid driving yourself.

For the first 7 days after the transplant, the patient should sleep in a supine ( on your back ) position. You can use a pillow. This precaution will help to avoid any swelling. If swelling appears over the face, you should not worry. You should try to sleep in the supine position, swelling will disappear, and may never experience it again.
Patients must ask their doctor, which medicine is beneficial for them to take and which medicine can cause harm.
The most important thing in the question of what to do after a hair transplantation – is DO NOT TOUCH implanted hairs for 2 weeks. keep transplanted hairs wet after hair transplant surgery.

About 2 to 4 weeks after a hair transplant, some hair may fall out from the same spot. Hair fall is completely normal and is a part of the hair growth cycle. This does not mean that the hair has started falling again. Your hair will regrow in about 3-6 months.
Hair wash

Hair wash is very important because it can affect the outcome of the hair transplant, so every patient in the clinic or hospital is taught how to wash the hair properly.

Washing hair consists of 3 main steps:

During wash do not touch the hair transplant area.

Use ketoconazole shampoo for a wash. It is helpful to prevent any infection .

The donor and transplanted area are washed with shampoo. DO NOT TOUCH IMPLANTED HAIRS DURING WASH for 2 weeks.

Apply oil after 2 weeks and Wash your hair with shampoo every day to remove scabs. After about 7-10 days there should be no trace of scalp blood or scabs. One can start washing their hair as normal as early as 14 days after a hair transplant recovery time

Once your hair transplant is complete and even leaves the clinic, it is still necessary to take care of the hair by a plastic surgeon as only a doctor can tell what to do after a hair transplant. Keep in mind that the outcome and recovery time may vary from person to person. If it is taking more time for the hair to regrow, it does not mean that the surgery did not go well or the results were not good.

However, as always, if you have some query you can give us a call or visit our Cosmo-Hair clinic. One such question that is often asked is which shampoo should be used or which shampoo should not be used after a hair transplant. The normal shampoo that you are using can be used if it does not increase the roughness and dryness in the hair.
In general, we recommend that the shampoo you are using, if you are not allergic to using it, then that shampoo is completely fine and can be used.

Hope you got the answer to your questions about what to do after hair transplantation and if still you have any doubts then feel free to consult or visit at Cosmo-Hair clinic and meet our plastic surgeon Dr. Buddhi Prakash Sharma.

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