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    Hymenoplasty in Jaipur, Hymen Reconstruction Surgery at Cosmo-Hair

    Hymenoplasty in Jaipur

    Hymenoplasty is the cosmetic repair, reconstruction, or creation of a woman’s hymen, also referred to as hymenorrhaphy. Revirginization is often referred to as the restoration of the hymen. Looking for Hymenoplasty in Jaipur? or Hymen Reconstruction in Jaipur? or Hymenoplasty plastic Surgeon in Jaipur?  then no worries contact to Dr. Buddhi Prakash Sharma, he is one the best  Plastic Surgeon in Jaipur.

    A description, along with some details about the hymen, may be helpful to understand hymenoplasty surgery.

    The hymen is made of human tissue that resembles an oval rubber washer that protects the vaginal opening partially or entirely. It is possible to make this ring-shaped membrane thin and flexible or thick and rigid. When the female is still in the womb, it starts to develop, usually starting at around the fourth month of pregnancy.

    What Are Some of the Reasons for Hymenoplasty?

    Hymenoplasty is a surgical solution for women who may like their hymen to be restored or reconstructed. Their motives are complex and may be physical or psychological, for seeking this treatment.

    • Reclaiming control: A female is understandably left with traumatic psychological difficulties in the case of sexual harassment. She may feel that she has been deprived not only of her innocence but of the ability to present to the person of her choice the virginal gift of an intact hymen. Hymenoplasty does not only provide the physical restoration that she is looking for but may also provide some psychological relief and healing.
    • Cultural beliefs: Since the existence of an intact hymen is still relevant in many cultures, for their upcoming nuptials, a woman will want to provide her husband with this sign of purity.
    • Burying the past: Sexual curiosity and experimentation are a normal part of the increasing process, especially when hormonal changes and surges occur during adolescence. Before she is emotionally prepared for the emotional impact associated with such physical contact, social pressure can also force a young girl to resort to sexual activity. When she matures, she may feel regretful that she indulged too early or too much in that interest, and may attempt to bury proof of what she may perceive when promiscuity or poor judgment in retrospect. Revirginization can allow her to turn back the clock psychologically and start over.
    • Accidental rupture or tearing: For some women, it is simply not appropriate to penetrate the hymen through bicycle or horseback rides, slipping on ice, or tampon insertion, and they opt for hymenoplasty to restore what was unintentionally destroyed.
    • Enhancement of sexual pleasure: The vaginal muscles can weaken after childbirth. With age, flaccidity also happens over time. Hymenoplasty often tightens these muscles, providing the added advantage of a sexual encounter that is more sensually stimulating.
    • Septate hymen: The hymenal tissue is divided into rope-like bands that look like that. They mimic tonsils that are joined at both ends, which can obstruct the use of tampons or penile penetration. This is corrected by hymenotomy, too. A septate hymen, like the almost bulletproof one of romantic love, described earlier, may also refer to a very thick or rigid hymen and may require surgical penetration.
    • Imperforate hymen: This is a disorder where the hymen protects the entire vaginal opening. Until a young girl reaches puberty and her menstrual flow is blocked, it is typically not discovered. Hymenotomy is called the hymenoplasty operation to correct this, and a tiny hole is created in the membrane to allow blood flow.
    • Microperforated hymen: This is identical to and is rectified in the same way as an imperforate hymen. A micro-perforated hymen has a small opening that is only necessary for menstrual flow to be allowed. Typically, whether a female chooses to use tampons, it does not present a problem or requires enlargement.

    Who Should Undergo and Expected Results

    Hymenoplasty also has known as Hymenorrhaphy, Hymenorrhaphy can be considered by women who want to restore the original structure of their hymen, the thin membrane covering the vaginal opening. Typically, the hymen splits during sexual intercourse, also known as a virgin’s veil. However, other causes, such as injury, sports, physical activity, masturbation, tampon use, or sickness, may also lacerate it. Some women’s hymens, on the other hand, are more elastic, so that even penetration itself does not cause tearing. Thus, during sexual intercourse, a lacerated hymen and lack of bleeding do not necessarily mean that a woman is not a virgin.

    The most common reasons for females experiencing hymenorrhaphy are below:

    • To repair a torn hymen due to injury When arranging the operation, women who are considering getting a hymenorrhaphy to regain their virginity have to remember the healing time after the surgery. Usually, between three weeks and three months before getting married, they are recommended to undergo the operation.

    What is involved in Hymen Repair?

    Hymen repair is a simple procedure that requires the excision of the broken edges before fine dissolvable sutures are stitched. It is mostly performed with sedation under local anaesthetic, but may also be performed with a general anaesthetic.

    Not especially invasive is this surgery. The hymen has a secondary layer that will be sown to cover the skin that is broken. The hymen would appear intact as it grafts together once more. Or, if this is not possible for any reason, a new hymen may be formed from the lip of the vagina.

    Treatment or Procedure

    Usually, hymenoplasty is a simple out-patient procedure that can be conducted under local anaesthesia in the clinic. Any broken skin is gently and neatly cut away around the edges of the hymen, after which the remaining tissue is stitched together, leaving a slight gap. This restores a natural size and shape to the hymenal ring.

    Using either thin vaginal skin (vaginal mucosa) of the body or synthetic tissue, the surgeon may create one if there is insufficient skin to restore the hymen, or if there is no hymen. A small supply of blood can be inserted, either artificial or taken from a piece of the vaginal flap by the patient himself, thereby simulating the typical bleeding after subsequent penetration.

    What is the Recovery Time?

    Depending on the amount of repair required, the surgery can be expected to take anywhere from one to two hours. While this is a clinical procedure with no hospital stay needed, and women can return to work the next day, it is important to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting. There may be some minor bleeding within the first 48 to 72 hours, but this is perfectly normal.

    It takes approximately six weeks to fully recover. No obvious signs of surgery will be present and the difference between a normal hymen and a repaired one will be difficult to say. The rebuilding process will be complete at this point and all the feelings associated with virginal, first-time sex can be experienced.

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    An imperforate hymen, although an uncommon disorder, is one of a woman’s genital tract’s most common malformations. Symptoms may be unpleasant, but with few, if any complications, creating an opening for the hymen usually offers complete relief.