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    Scar Removal in Jaipur, Scar revision Surgery at Cosmo-Hair

    Scar Removal in Jaipur

    Scar Removal / Revision is the one kind of surgery that reduces the scars from the skin. The wounds can be caused by surgery, accidental injury, and severe damage to the skin. The scar is any size and shape, and sometimes it is noticeable or sometimes not. Its color is also different from person to person. Looking for Scar Removal in Jaipur? Contact Dr. Buddhi Prakash Sharma at Cosmo-Hair. Cosmo-Hair is one of the finest Plastic & Cosmetic centers in Jaipur city of Rajasthan, India.

    Based on your scar size, depth, location of the center, and characteristics of skin doctors will decide about your type of scar surgery. There is some method in which you can reduce your scar.


    There are different kinds of scars available, and all have other symptoms.

    Hypertrophic scars– It is similar to Keloids, but this is not spread outside of injury. This kind of scar looks typically red and thick. One can see Hypertrophic scars after one week of any damage.

    Acne scars-Acne is typical at a young age, but sometimes it creates problems because of scars. Generally, Acne scars appearing that person, who have more acne on their face.

    Keloids-Keloids scars look like rounded and thick. It can be seen at the wound as well as outside of the wound area. Typically, Keloid colour is red or dark, which can be seen generally on skin. However, it appears any part of the body, chest, and face where you can find usually.

    Contractures-Contractures have occurred when a vast area is damaged in an accident and lost skin on the wound area. It can be problematic for our joints, muscle, and movement. There are different treatments available for this kind of scars.

    Stretchmarks-There are several times where our body got stretches because of several reasons. People develop stretch marks who do several works such as doctors and farmers.

    Medications of Scar revision

    Patients have to take prescribed medicine as it is highly recommended by any surgeon in this kind of treatment.

    Generally, the doctor does not recommend a medicine that contains non-steroidal anti-inflammatories because it might be a chance of bleeding by these medicines.

    Sometimes patients required antibiotics to stop the infection. At that time doctor prescribed prophylactic antibiotics and steroids.

    Without a doctor’s suggestion, you could not take any herbal medicine that might create problems in your surgery.

    Causes of scars

    Surgery: After any surgery, there is a chance that you will find a scar at the place of the cut. Sometimes it is inside our clothes that people do not face problems. While scar on face or hands, people think to remove them.

    Accidental Injury: There is a normal condition to see scar after any injury. It might be in different sizes and shapes, but it will occur. The spot can disappear after some time, but it is not possible with every human.

    Acne: If people have more acne on the face, there might be a chance that their acne becomes scar after a few days. In these situations, you have to contact the doctor to find out proper solutions.

    Burn: Whenever people burn, there might be a chance that scar will occur in those places. Sometimes it may be vast and dark; that is why people prefer to remove the spot from the burning areas.

    Risk factors in scar revision

    Many risks are associated with scar revision, so patients have to discuss with doctors. The doctors will explain to patients what kind of risks involved in this kind of surgery. If you are not satisfied with the answer, you can ask other medical staff.

    The patient has to decide about his surgery rather than any fear or competition. There are many risks associated with scar revision:

    • Skin problems
    • Skin sensitivity might be changed
    • Stay pain for a few months
    • Infection occurs
    • swelling in your skin
    • Delay in recovery
    • Additional surgery required
    • Damage your bone and other muscle due to skin
    • Risk of Anesthesia


    There are some complications associated with scar revision, but some other complications occurred after surgery based on individuals problems.

    • Although there is less complication in scar revision, patients might feel the problem of pain.
    • Excessive bleeding can be seen at the part of the surgery.
    • Patients might suffer from several infections due to surgery.
    • The doctor does proper medical treatment even though patients have to refer to other surgery to avoid health problems.
    • Although doctors tend less complication of surgery, there are some complications occurred irrelevantly.


    Unrealistic expectation

    It is necessary to explain all scenarios with patients. Patients have to stay positive to get the proper results. If patients think about unrealistic expectations, it is essential to remove them.

    Medical history avoids infection.

    Getting knowledge of medical history is essential to reduce the risk of infection. If any infection patient has, a doctor will have to give treatment that way.


    Tobacco is the prime reason for hypoxia, thrombogenesis. It can also be responsible for delaying healing. It is recommended that patients should not take smoking before and after four weeks.

    Avoid Homemade Medicine

    Patients cannot use any external medicine, mainly herbal medicine. If the patient wants to reduce risk, they should take prescribed medication.


    Scar revision can be solved in many ways as there are several types of scars available.

    To determine the cause of your scar revision, initial tests can include:

    • Checks for blood
    • infection
    • Types of scars

    Several techniques should be used for better results:

    • Injections
    • Therapy
    • Surgery


    Different types of scars have different treatments as they are different from each other. Before any treatment patients should understand the procedure of treatment, it can be helpful in reduce associated risks.

    Steroid injections: The doctor recommends steroid injection when patients are suffering from Keloid scars. It can help to reduce redness and burning problem of the wound.

    Surgery: This is not a regular option for any scan revision treatment. There is some case in which removes the scar formation. Then, stitches are done to close the wound.

    Pressure therapy: The scar can be flattened if you apply pressure. This kind of technique allows blood to supply to the wind. It might be a chance that this technique does not work for a large scar.

    Laser therapy: Nowadays, different kinds of laser therapy available to treat the scar. The main aim of treatment is that kill off the abnormal tissue. The doctor recommends when the patient have hypertrophic scars and keloids.

    After your treatment: Once your doctor recommends that your surgery has been finished. The patient has to take a rest for two weeks. The patient has to take care of their skin to avoid bleeding and swelling.

    The patient should not go for some physical activity because there is a chance of swelling the skin. Patients cannot take a direct shower; they should take a regular bath.

    Patients have to follow the instructions of medical staff to get the proper results.

    Recovery after surgery: It might be a chance that doctors use a plastic splint on your face to remove scars. As we all know, scar revision is a straightforward and quick procedure. The patient can go home after a few days. However, it may take 2-4 weeks to return to a normal situation. Sometimes, swelling may take time for recovery, so try to contact your doctor in such cases. After surgery, the patients’ problems with scars will be solved. Your facial appearance also changes; it looks more attractive as compared to the past.

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    Scar Removal in Jaipur is a joint surgery that can be solved with your scars related problems. The treatment should be preferred after checking your health problems. Finding the best surgeon is the basic necessity, according to your situation. Although it is easy and quick surgery, patients should take care of some medical conditions.