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    Breast augmentation in Jaipur/Reduction: Risks, Procedure & Results

    Breast Augmentation in Jaipur

    Breast augmentation is done to improve the shape, scale, and outline of the breasts of a woman. For several different reasons, women recommend breast augmentation. Some women find it’s too little for their breasts. Since their breasts shift since birth, some crave augmentation. Others want to correct breast-size asymmetry. Looking for Breast augmentation in Jaipur? Dr. Buddhi Prakash Sharma is a leading Plastic Surgeon at Cosmo-Hair offering this service at an affordable cost.

    Implants that can be put under a chest muscle or over a chest muscle are used for breast augmentation. You may place the incision in the axilla (armpit), areola (the area around the nipple), or lower fold of the breast. Both breast augmentations are, in general, minimally invasive procedures. An endoscope (a thin tube with a small camera and light) may be used during the procedure for intervals in which the incision is made in the armpit.

    Breast implants consist of a shell of silicone-filled with either saline (a solution of saltwater) or silicone gel. By fitting trial implants, a woman decides her ideal size. The saline-filled implants are currently used on an unregulated basis. Implants filled with silicone gel, previously banned by the FDA, are only available for women involved in approved studies. A reasonably simple treatment is breast augmentation. Some uncertainty and risk are predicted, as with any surgery. Know the worries and desires you have. Check the advantages, risks, and alternatives. Request Consultation with a surgeon approved by the board.

    Why it's done

    Breast augmentation may help you

    • If you think your breasts are too small or that one is bigger than the other, enhance your beauty.
    • Adjust for a drop in your breast size after pregnancy
    • Right uneven boobs for other problems following breast surgery
    • Enhance your faith in yourself

    Discuss your objectives with your surgeon so that what breast augmentation will do for you will be practical.


    Breast augmentation faces numerous risks, including

    • Pain in the breast
    • Infections
    • Changes in the feeling of the nipple and breast
    • The leakage or rupture of the implant

    It may take further surgery to fix these problems, either to remove or repair the implants.

    A possible connection between breast implants and the development of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), a rare immune system cancer, has been identified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Women with breast implants can have a very low yet increased risk of developing ALCL, the FDA claims. However, to fully understand the relationship between ALCL and breast implants, more research is required.

    How you prepare

    You’ll explore your expectations for the size, feel, and appearance of your breasts with a plastic surgeon. Specific types of implants, smooth or textured, round or shaped like a teardrop, saline or silicone, and choices for surgical procedures, will be defined by the surgeon.

    Check written documents carefully, such as the patient information from the implant manufacturer that you will get, and retain copies of your records.

    Consider the following before you decide to have surgery:

    Breast implants aren’t guaranteed to last a lifetime: An implant’s total life span is 10 years. An implant rupture is an option. Your breasts will also begin to age, and variables such as weight gain or loss of weight could affect the way your breasts look. Such complications would potentially lead to further surgery.

    Mammograms might be more complicated: If you have breast implants, you will need extra, advanced views, in addition to regular mammograms.

    You might need additional surgery after breast implant removal:You may need a breast lift or other cosmetic surgery to help restore the shape of your breasts if you chose to have your implants removed.


    Your surgeon will make one single cut (incision) in one of three places to insert the breast implant

    • Under your breast (infra-mammary) in the crease
    • Your arm under (axillary).
    • Periareolar (Around Your Nipple)

    The surgeon will separate your breast tissue from the muscles and connective tissue of your chest after making an incision. This creates a pocket either behind the chest wall’s outermost muscle (pectoral muscle) or in front of it. The implant will be inserted by the surgeon into this pocket and centered behind your nipple.

    Saline implants are implanted empty and only filled once they are in place with sterile saltwater. Implants made of silicone are pre-filled with silicone gel. The surgeon will close the incision when the implant is in operation, usually with stitches (sutures), and bandage it with skin adhesive and surgical tape.

    Results After Breast augmentation

    Breast augmentation will change your breasts’ size and shape. The surgery could enhance your self-esteem and body image. But remain reasonable in your standards, and don’t expect perfection.
    Also, after augmentation, the breasts will begin to mature. Weight gain or lack of weight may also affect the way your breasts look. You can need further surgery to correct these problems if you become unhappy with the appearance of your breasts.

    Breast reduction

    Breast reduction surgery is a procedure used to remove excess fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts, also known as reduction mammaplasty. You might opt to have breast reduction surgery to relieve pain or to achieve a breast size proportionate to your body if you have large breasts.

    Breast reduction surgery can also help to boost your perception of yourself and your ability to engage in physical activities.

    Why it's done

    Surgery for breast reduction is meant for women who have big breasts and want to fix problems such as:

    • Chronic pain in the back, neck, and shoulder that calls for pain medicine
    • Chronic rash under the breasts or skin irritation
    • Pressure in the nerve
    • Bad self-image synonymous with big breasts
    • Difficulty getting into bras and apparel

    At any age, you can have breast reduction surgery, sometimes even as an adult. But you may need a second operation later in life if your breasts aren’t fully grown yet.


    Breast reduction surgery, including bleeding, infection, and an adverse reaction to anesthesia, has the same risks as any other form of major surgery. Other threats that likely include:

    • Bruising, which is usually intermittent
    • The Scarring
    • Sensation removal or loss in the nipples and skin around the nipples (areolae)
    • Pain and suffering or failure to breast-feed

    How you prepare

    • Discuss your standards for postoperative breast size and appearance
    • Provide a detailed description of the operation, its complications, and benefits, including potential scarring and possible sensation loss.
    • Examine your breasts and weigh them
    • Take photos of your breasts for a medical record.
    • Explain the type of anesthesia that was used during the procedure

    Ask your surgeon if you should go home the day of the procedure, or if you need to spend a night in the hospital. During operation, plan for someone to bring you home or when you leave the hospital.


    The precise method used to decrease the size of your breasts may vary. The procedure may include:

    • Surgery through incisions
    • To minimize the extra fat in your breasts, liposuction

    Typically the surgeon:

    • Makes an incision in each breast around the areola and down
    • Reduces the size of each breast by removing excess breast tissue, fat, and skin.
    • The breast is reshaped and the nipple and areola repositioned

    Your surgeon may aim to create symmetry between the breasts, but there will be some differences in breast size and form. The scale of the areola may also be diminished. Your incision scars can fade with time, but they’ll never disappear completely

    Results after Breast Reduction

    Pressure in your upper back, neck, and shoulders can be eased by successful breast reduction surgery. It may also improve your desire to indulge in physical activity and inspire a more positive picture of yourself.

    While you can quickly see results, note that it will take months for the swelling to go down completely and the surgical wounds to disappear. While breast shape and size may change due to factors such as age and weight gain or loss, the final result is usually permanent.

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    For many women, results after surgery are positive. They gain the health and cosmetic advantages of smaller breasts. Be mindful that to best suit your body, you will have to purchase new clothing, and it will take some time to psychologically adapt to your new appearance. In some situations, you will need follow-up surgery to fix any errors or improve your breasts’ appearance.