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    Rhinoplasty in Jaipur | Rhinoplasty Surgeon | Nose Plastic Surgery at Cosmo-Hair

    Rhinoplasty in Jaipur

    Rhinoplasty also called nose reshaping surgery. The main aim of surgery is to improve the shape and size of the nose to enhance the appearance and breathing system. The surgery is done by an experienced surgeon as the nose is essential for the human look. Therefore, the doctor always tries to build an artificial nose that looks natural. Looking for Nose Plastic Surgery or Rhinoplasty in Jaipur then contact Dr. Buddhi Prakash Sharma.

    As we all know, the nose has a bone in the upper part, while cartilage is found on the lower side of the nose. Before doing Rhinoplasty, you should talk with the doctor. The doctor always thinks about your shape of the face and how he could change so it can be better for your nose skin.

    After Rhinoplasty surgery, your appearance will look natural, and you will not suffer from breathing problems.


    People generally think that Rhinoplasty is used to change the shape and size of the nose. However, there are many cases in which people prefer this surgery because of medical implications.

    Here I am going to talk about four main reasons for Rhinoplasty:

    Breathing Problem

    Some people are born with a complex nose. They generally suffered in breathing because they have deviated septum. Some people have narrow nasal passages. Because of that, it may feel difficulty in breathing.

    Rhinoplasty does not only solve the problem of nasal airways but also improve turbinate dysfunction. There are numbers of nose problems, that is why Rhinoplasty is compulsory to improve health.

    Broken Nose

    Unfortunately, people cannot stay away from some accident. In accidents can occur in any way such as by playing, road accidents, and many more. There is a chance that the nose can be fracture by accidents; it called a nasal fracture.

    The size and shape of the nose might change in nasal fracture. Rhinoplasty is the surgery which can correct your fracture. After surgery, people will restore their natural appearance and nasal bones.

    Change Appearance

    Rhinoplasty is the surgery that can improve your facial expression; in fact, your face looks more attractive after this surgery. The surgeon tries to make a nose that could match with your eye and lips, so you always look cheerful.

    Many people are not satisfied with their born face or want to change their face structure. If you have the same problem, you should contact your surgeon for Rhinoplasty.

    Medications of Rhinoplasty

    Patients have to take prescribed Medicine as it is highly recommended by any surgeon in this kind of treatment.

    Generally, the doctor does not recommend a medicine that contains non-steroidal anti-inflammatories because it might be a chance of Bleeding by these medicines.

    Sometimes patients required antibiotics to stop the infection. At that time doctor prescribed prophylactic antibiotics and steroids.

    Without a doctor’s suggestion, you could not take any herbal medicine that might create problems in your surgery.

    Substances that can problematic in Rhinoplasty


    In Rhinoplasty surgery, doctors always suggest staying away from smoking before and after two weeks of your surgery. Smoking can be the reason for your skin death in your nose. Moreover, your flow of oxygen is also reduced in the treatment area, that is highly dangerous.

    Risk Factors:

    The risk factors are always available for any medical treatment. That is why your decision should be personal. Always take suggestion from the surgeon.

    The surgeon explains to you what kind of risks are associated with Rhinoplasty. You have to fill the form along with your signature to avoid any complications.

    Here are risks that associate with Rhinoplasty:

    • Breathing problems
    • Infection or allergy
    • Pain in nasal bones
    • Anaesthesia might be problematic
    • Unnecessary Bleeding in the nose
    • Swelling around your nose
    • Risk of other surgery
    • You might not be satisfied with your new appearance
    • Other problems based on individuals


    There are some complications associated with Rhinoplasty, but some other complications occurred after surgery based on individuals problems.

    • Patients might affect by some infection or bleeding problem on several time in a month.
    • Your nose surface might see reed because of a blood vessel problem. There is a chance that it can be seen permanently.
    • The doctor does proper medical treatment even though patients have to refer to other surgery to avoid health problems.
    • Although doctors tend less complication of surgery, there are some complications occurred irrelevantly.


    There are many things which can reduce the risk of your Rhinoplasty:

    Infection problem

    If patients have an infection, you should discuss with your doctor so that you can avoid trouble in your surgery.

    Avoid Smoking

    Smoking can be dangerous in this kind of surgery. So the patient should discuss with the doctor about your smoking habit.

    Don't use herbal Medicine

    Patients cannot use any external medicine, mainly herbal Medicine. If the patient wants to reduce risk, they should take prescribed Medicine.

    Communication can Reduce Dissatisfactionrate

    The doctor and patients have to discuss future face appearance. The doctor can use the visual techniques for precise identification of appearance.


    Before Rhinoplasty doctors can be asked about personal opinion about surgery, people should ready for surgery without any influence. The patient should give the right information regarding past medical history and infection.

    Several points should be considered for better results:

    • Communication regarding your problems
    • Take a review of expert
    • Try to understand the full procedure
    • Decide without pressure
    • Find the best surgeon
    • Proper diagnosis is must


    It is an irrefutable fact that your problem will solve by the surgeon. Before any treatment patients should understand the procedure of treatment, it can be helpful in reduce associated risks.

    Several steps include in Rhinoplasty:

    Step 1 Anesthesiafortreatment

    The smooth surgical procedure required Anesthesia. The doctor takes your permission before Anesthesia.

    Step 2 – Actual Surgery

    The surgeon cut your nose from inside because he wants to adjust your nose. The doctors try to solve the problem like nasal bones, cartilage, and nose structure.

    If patients need smaller change, the surgeon uses cartilage from your nose. Cartilage from your rib can be used when patients require massive changes.

    After these changes, the surgeon tries to put nose skin back based on your requirements and take stitches inside your nose. Once surgery completed, the patient will be monitored by medical staff. They take care of your weakness and health issues.

    Step3 – After your treatment

    Once your doctor recommends that your surgery has been finished. The patient has to take a rest for two weeks. The patient has to take care of the sleep on the upper side to avoid bleeding and swelling.

    The patient should not go for some physical activity because there is a chance of swelling the nose. Patients cannot take a direct shower; they should take a regular bath.

    The one essential thing is that patients cannot do some facial expressions such as laughing and smiling. Patients have to follow the instructions of medical staff to get the proper results.

    Recovery after surgery

    It might be a chance that doctors use a plastic splint on your nose to get the proper shape. As we all know, Rhinoplasty is a straightforward and quick procedure. The patient can go home after a few days. However, it may take 2-4 weeks to return to a normal situation. Sometimes, swelling may take time for recovery, so try to contact your doctor in such cases. After surgery, the patients’ problems with breathing will be solved. Your facial appearance also changes; it looks more attractive as compared to the past.

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    Rhinoplasty in Jaipur is a joint surgery that can be solved your breathing problems. The treatment should be preferred after checking your health problems. Finding the best surgeon is the basic necessity, according to your situation. Although it is easy and quick surgery, patients should take care of some medical conditions.