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Beard Transplant what and how

Studies show that bearded men are viewed as being more masculine, stable, and even stronger physically.But not every man’s blessed with lush facial hair of course. Some resign themselves to that. You may not.

What are the chances?

What Is A Beard Transplant?

A beard transplant requires hair from a particular part of the body and transplanted it over your face.It can transplant a total of 4,000 to 7,000 hairs one by one. Some surgeons may be using two hairs per graft to give the beard a more natural look.
It’s a delicate task – the surgeon must have every single hair pointed in the right direction.
Most guys who acquire beard transplants do this to cover up wounds, but a growing minority only do it to get a great beard.

Beard Transplant: Pros & Cons


What's Good About A Beard Transplant?

  • Minimal Recovery Time
    For the transplant itself, you’ll also need to take a sick day, which can take up to five hours. The worst you can expect after that is a few days of mild swelling and redness.

  • You Can Shave And Style Your Beard As Normal
    Your new hair follicles will be permanently grafted on so that your beard will look and work like any other.

  • Minimum Pain
    The incisions that are made on your face are so tiny that they hurt nothing more than a small pinch.

  • Total Control
    Just as you choose your hairstyle, you can choose your beard style – look at pictures of various styles of beards, bring one to the clinic and your surgeon can carry you to match it.


What's Bad About A Beard Transplant?

  • It’s Expensive
    You can find cheaper, but do your homework please and don’t let any cowboy surgeons close to your face.
    Some clinics charge for each treatment, others charge for each graft (so the overall cost is the number of grafts times the price for each graft). The price-per-graft model is more realistic since some patients need more grafts than others.

  • You’ll Sacrifice Hair From Elsewhere
    The hair used for beard transplants, in many instances, comes from the back of your head. However, only every fifth hair is taken by the surgeon, so although it can look slightly thinner, you won’t get visible bald spots.

Types Of Beard Transplants

For beard transplants, the most common treatment is follicular unit extraction (FUE). The surgeon can cut individual hair from a donor area and graft it anywhere you choose to fill in your beard.

The treatment can take 2-5 hours and leave only tiny circular marks through which hair follicles have been removed.

There is a shorter recovery period for this form of a transplant than other options and most people who undergo it experience little to no pain.

The other big type of transplant is the follicular unit (FUT) transplant. This is when a surgeon removes a tissue strip from another location, stitches the wound, and transplants the hairs on it. This leaves a scar which is long but very fine.

Although FUT takes considerably longer (both to perform and to recover from), it usually leads to a fuller beard as more hairs are transplanted overall.

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    How to Pick a Clinic:

    Choosing a professional surgeon and clinic is crucial to achieving a result that looks normal. Here are 12 items to verify before you put your face in their mouth.

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    FUE takes mastering time and daily practice. Find out how many years the surgeon did it and how many patients they assisted.

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    If you prefer a particular form of procedure, such as manual FUE, make sure that your surgeon is skilled in that specific technique.

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    All respected hair transplant surgeons trained under the guidance of proven experts; these statistics are also listed on their website or bio.

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    Surgeons specializing in hair transplantation tend to have more experience and expertise than those offering a variety of services.

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    Good Staff

    It's not just about the surgeon-it 's a must to find a clinic with a professional, polite, and trained staff.

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    Ensure the clinic has a consultation to help rule out underlying problems that can affect your beard growth.

    They can also check your hair density with some form of advanced software, so they can measure the number of donor follicles you've got and the number of transplants you'll need.

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    Industry Reputation

    Check if your surgeon is a member of organizations such as the International Hair Restoration Surgeons Society (ISHRS) or the International Hair Restoration Surgeon's Alliance (IAHRS).

    This will demonstrate that they have a reputation for ability and are up to date with the latest advances.

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    Patient References

    Patient clinic reviews may be more realistic, but be mindful that it is only the patients that have achieved positive outcomes that post feedback.

    It may be too embarrassing for patients who are disappointed with their performance.

    Your clinic may give references to past patients, but don't be too quick to trust them.

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    Extra Treatments

    Typically successful clinics provide therapies such as blood serums to improve the outcomes.

    This can spur faster regeneration, faster transplant follicle activation, and thicker hair growing faster.

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    Much of the work performed by the surgeon

    Experienced surgeons who care about the outcomes of their patients can do much of the work themselves so you can benefit from their experience and abilities.

    They are just going to ask a nurse or operator to step in when they need a break. Unscrupulous surgeons are going to dump all the jobs on their workers.

    Often ask the surgeon how much they devote to each operation individually, and the tasks of the surgical team.

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    Know about Beard Growth Supplements

    You can buy supplements with a mixture of vitamins that can accelerate beard growth and increase its overall density and consistency as well. A beard supplement is not intended to grow hair where none is present, but to help grow your existing hair. Biotin is one of the main ingredients which both help your beard grow and prevent it from falling out. Other essential ingredients include vitamin C and zinc.You should also try beard oil, beard shampoos, and washes, as well as beard sprays, which will also make your beard cleaner and also with patchiness.