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    Hair Transplant

    There are two techniques of doing the hair transplant, Follicular Unit Extraction Technique, and Follicular Unit Transplantation. In both procedures, there is a transferring process in which the root transfer technique is used for extracting DHT-resistant hair roots and then the plastic surgeon implants them on the DHT-sensitive area, where baldness occurs.

    The hair transplant covers the bald part of the scalp in such a way that an individual gets natural looking hair through the surgery.

    What is FUT Hair transplant technique?

    In the FUT hair transplant technique, the hair transplant surgeon harvests a strip from the back and sides of the scalp. Generally, at these locations, the hair roots remain permanent in nature. Due to the involvement of strip harvesting in the FUT hair transplant technique, it involves the simple incision and suture. This is then followed by the advanced Trichophytic closure technique. This technique always gives the best permanent results because of the extraction of DHT-resistant hair roots.

    Procedure of FUT hair transplant technique:

    The FUT hair transplant technique includes simple surgical steps. Firstly, the hair transplant surgeon harvests a strip of the skin from the back and sides of the scalp. The harvesting is done in such a manner that a longitudinal strip contains the maximum number of follicular units in a single extract. Thereafter, this strip is sent for the process of dissection where expert technicians dissect every single graft under the higher magnification. At last, the plastic surgeon implants the dissected follicular units into the balding part of the scalp.

    Let’s know the above-mentioned procedures in detail:

    • Firstly, the hair transplant surgeon will give you anesthesia and numb you so that you will feel no pain during the process.
    • Then the plastic surgeon will remove a strip of the scalp by making a long vertical incision. Before doing this, the plastic surgeon examines the donor area, and find whether it is suitable or not. It is always preferable to collect that strip which is having maximum dense hair.
    • After collecting the strip, this is placed in a solution which minimizes the body’s natural fluid content.
    • The plastic surgeon then divide these strips into a single layer of follicular units, known as “Slivering”, the grafts are separated from these slivers and the plastic surgeon finally implants them into the bald area under high magnification of microscopes.
    • The bald site is made ready by using needles and fine blades, and then the plastic surgeon determines the angle of hair. For determining, the correct angle, the plastic surgeon needs to be extremely proficient in hair transplantation. Only at the correct angle, the hair would look completely natural. Then the grafts are placed in the holes of the scalp.
    • Generally, the count of hair units is:
    • 1 unit in hairline front
    • 2 units in the hairline back  
    • 3 units behind the above mentioned 2 units 
    • 4 units behind the above mentioned 3 unit
    • After insertion, the plastic surgeon checks each graft again and then bandaged it.

    What Results You Should Expect?

    You can expect wonderful & confident looks by getting a scalp full of hair that will grow naturally.
    You can go through these cases to see the results by yourself.

    Are you the right candidate for the FUT hair transplant technique?

    There are certain eligibility criteria for the FUT hair transplant technique. Let’s know them one by one:

    • Healthy donor scalp:  For FUT hair transplant the patient should have a healthy donor area i.e. the back and sides of scalp from where the plastic surgeon will extract roots.
    • No Sign of Autoimmune Disorder: If you are suffering from autoimmune disorder then the immune system as it affects the scalp of your system.
    • Flexibility of the Scalp: Flexibility plays an important factor in the hair transplantation procedure. The scalp should loose enough to get the grafts for proper insertion.
    • DUPA: DUPA or diffused un-patterned hair loss is a condition in which a patient experiences un-patterned hair loss. It affects the complete scalp area including the donor part.

    Know about the Hair Transplant by Dr. Buddhi Prakash itself:


    Is there any side effect of FUT hair transplant technique?

    Of course not! As per the doctors, there are no side effects of the FUT hair transplant technique if the transplant is performed after a proper examination of the scalp. A patient’s scalp should examine from both sides. There would be a normal pain and swelling which is the general part of the procedure.

    After the hair transplant surgery, a person can experience mild pain for initial 3-5 days, therefore certain medications are helpful to provide relief.

    Advantages of FUT hair transplant technique:

    • Painless Technique: It is a painless surgery technique. Both steps of incision grafting are very less invasive.
    • Scarless Technique: Because of the advanced techniques, now the FUT hair transplant technique is completely scarless.
    • No side effects: As mentioned above the FUT hair transplant technique is without side effects.
    • Less than 1% graft damage rate: In FUT technique, the plastic surgeon extracts the maximum strands utilizes all the grafts carefully, which results in almost negligible damage of grafts.
    • Cover maximum area in a single sitting: Because of the maximum strand extraction the patient gets a good range of hair on the scalp in a single sitting.

    FUT Hair Transplant Cost:

    At Cosmo-Hair we are giving maximum coverage of bald area in a single sitting at a very affordable price.

    Dr. Buddhi Prakash Sharma, director of a hair transplant clinic, Cosmo-Hair, Jaipur, provides the best hair transplant in Rajasthan, at very low prices which is even nearly one-fourth of the prices in countries like UK, USA, and Europe.