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About Cosmo Hair Clinic.

Cosmo Hair was established in September 2014, by Dr. Buddhi Prakash Sharma, has become one of the best hair transplant centre in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The world-class technology, proper take care of the patient, friendly nature of the staff, and treatment by the hair transplant specialist at Cosmo Hair has attracted not only the Indian patients but also from foreign countries too such as Malaysia, United Kingdom, South-east Asian countries, etc.

We have reached the global standards in providing hair transplant and cosmetic surgeries like -:

  • Hair Transplant

  • Fut Hair Transplant

  • Fue Hair Transplant
  • Cosmetic Surgery

  • Skin Treatment

  • Plastic Surgery

Affordable Costs and High-Quality Care

Regarding the cost-effectiveness, Dr. Buddhi Prakash Sharma is providing the best hair transplant cost in India by using FUE & FUT hair transplant techniques which gives maximum hair density in a single sitting.
For hair transplant, the clinic environment is highly hygienic as required and dedicated operation theatres with advanced equipment for minimizing the infection risks. Cosmo-Hair has always make sure to use best sterilized equipment for no chances of risk and maintain a proper hygiene in its environment.

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Medical Excellence

Treatment by Best Hair transplant surgeon.

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Proper Care

We give you extreme comfort and care to make sure you feel better

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Affordable Costs

Cosmo-Hair provides you hair transplant at the best cost in India

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Best Results

We always get positive feedbacks as the patients gets best hair transplant results.

चिकित्सा सुविधाएं

  • बाल झड़ने एवं गंजापन का ईलाज हेयर ट्रांसप्लांट की सुविधा

  • कटे होंट तालू मे छेद को सही करना

  • पेशाब के छेद का जगह पर नही होना

  • मोटापे को कम करना (लाइपोसक्शण)

  • पुराने घाव का निशान हटाना

  • कान के बढ़े हुए छेद को सही करना

  • चेहरे की विक्रातियो का इलाज़

  • चेहरे और ज़बडो की हड्डियो का फ्रॅक्चर का इलाज़
  • बच्चो के हाथ की जन्मजात विक्रति (अंगूलियो का जुड़ा होना)

  • कटे हुए हाथ को जोड़ना

  • कान और नाक की विक्रति

  • पुराने बिना भरे घाव

  • नसो की चोट तथा हाथो में सूनापन का इलाज़

  • चेहरे की चोटो का इलाज़

  • जले हुए और जलाने के बाद की विक्रातियों का इलाज़ (टेढ़ी-मेढ़ी अंगूलियो या अंग)

Hair Transplant Patients Case Study & Reviews

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Health Tips

HAIR TRANSPLANTATION is a natural and permanent remedy of a bald head and hair loss!


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