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    Best Treatment Of Male Pattern Baldness

    There is no doubt that the hair of a man is an important part of his overall look. Hair loss is a common problem with hair loss affecting millions of people. Men begin to lose the hair on top of their heads as they age, which ultimately leaves a hair ring around the sides. In their lifetime, as many as 85 percent of men would have some form of hair loss. For numerous purposes, it can happen.

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    What Is Male Pattern Baldness?

    Male baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia, is the most common cause of male hair loss, affecting more than 50% of all males by the age of 50. While in middle-aged and older men, male pattern baldness is most common, it can happen at any age.

    In their 20s and 30s, many men experience the early symptoms of male pattern baldness, such as a receding hairline or diffuse thinning. The main causes of male pattern baldness are your genetics and the closeness of androgenic hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

    In a telltale type, male pattern baldness shows up, a hairline with decreasing hairs around the head’s top. The area will go bald over time. Spot baldness, or alopecia areata, in smooth, circular areas, makes the hair fall out, but it normally grows back. The disorder is a type of autoimmune disease, showing that the body is attacking itself. It kills hair in this situation. When you realize your hairline is beginning to fall, it’s natural to panic.

    Symptoms of Male Pattern Baldness

    Hair loss is the most noticeable, visible symptom of male pattern baldness. In many trends, changing from thin to a decreasing hairline, hair loss from male pattern baldness can happen.

    Decreasing Hairline

    As their hairline begins to fall, most males start to note male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness, with falling corners and a longer widow’s top spot, will cause you to grow the M-shaped hairline.

    In the same pattern, not every hairline falls. If you’re sensitive to male pattern baldness, there’s a risk that your entire hairline could decrease constantly. Most men, however, notice an M-shaped pattern of hair loss is symbolic of male baldness.

    Thinning Head

    Not all men with baldness in the male pattern experience hair loss around the hairline. You may see the hair around your head beginning to fall out and look thinner pattern baldness but do not have a receding hairline.

    Because it is not easy to see hair loss around the head in the mirror, it is normal for men affected by head thinning to not realize their hair loss until it is very advanced. Using a handheld mirror or taking a selfie from the back of your head is the best way to search for this kind of hair loss.

    Diffuse Thinning

    Diffuse thinning is a type of hair loss that affects the entire scalp of men, without any noticeable effects on your hairline, thinning your hair.

    Diffuse thinning is also a sign of male pattern baldness, but it is less common than a hair loss near the head. When hair is moist, or in bright lighting that makes the scalp more noticeable, this form of hair loss is typically the easiest to identify.

    Causes Of Male Pattern Baldness

    Genetics, or having a family history of baldness, is one cause of male pattern baldness. Research has found that baldness in male trends is connected with androgens called male sex hormones. Androgens have many roles, including influencing the development of hair.

    There is a growth period for each hair on the head. This growth cycle starts to decrease with male pattern baldness, and the hair follicle deals, creating shorter and finer hair. The growth cycle for each hair surely ends and no new hair grows in its place.

    Diagnosis of Male Pattern Baldness

    Your doctor will generally test your scalp and find out whether you have lost a large amount of hair to diagnose male pattern baldness. To view miniaturized hair follicles and look at the space between each hair follicle, they could use a device called a densitometer.

    To diagnose male pattern baldness, there is typically no need to perform a biopsy — this type of procedure is generally only required to decide if the hair loss is caused by a chemical or other external factor. Using a method called the Norwood scale, most physicians define male pattern baldness.

    Treatment of Male Pattern Baldness

    The earlier you treat the baldness of the male pattern, the easier you can find it to avoid more hair loss and maintain your hair. For men who are uncomfortable with the way they look and would like the image of a fuller head of hair, however, treatments are available.

    As soon as you note your hair thinning or falling out, these treatments work better if you start working them. You may also be able to recover it by hair transplant surgery if your hair loss is advanced. The finest cure for male pattern baldness is hair transplantation. Cosmo-Hair Jaipur provides absolute solutions for your hair fall & baldness.


    A recent medication added to the scalp is Minoxidil (Rogaine). For certain males, Minoxidil delays hair loss and helps the hair follicles to develop new hair. It takes between four months and one year for Minoxidil to return measurable results. Possible minoxidil-associated side effects include scalp dryness, itching, burning, and scaling.

    Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar)

    Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar) is an oral medication that, in some men, decreases hair loss. It works by blocking the development of the hair loss-responsible male hormone. Finasteride has a performance rate that is greater than minoxidil. Your hair loss returns when you quit taking Finasteride. Before seeing the results, you need to take finasteride for three months to one year.


    Wigs that are stitched into your natural hair are hair weaves. You’ve got to have enough hair to bind into the weave. And during tasks such as swimming, showering, and sleeping, the value of weaves is that they remain on.

    Whenever new hair growth happens, the disadvantages are that they must be stitched again, and the stitching process will damage your natural hair.

    Hair Transplant

    The most invasive procedure for hair loss is a hair transplant. Hair transplants operate by extracting hair from areas of the scalp with successful hair growth and transplanting it into areas of the scalp that are thinning or balding. A hair transplant’s benefits are that it looks more natural and it’s permanent.

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    The male pattern baldness difficulty can be directed in many ways. It makes stresses you, a theory is that stress can cause hair loss by increasing the levels of development of sex hormones in the body. Early diagnosis and treatments that continue to grow your hair. It depends on the treatment. Cosmo-Hair Jaipur, the best hair transplant Centre in Jaipur can provide you with an apt consultation, regarding the procedure, its success rate, and the outcome for your scalp after a thorough scalp examination.

    What Results You Should Expect?

    You can expect wonderful & confident looks by getting a scalp full of hair that will grow naturally.
    You can go through these cases to see the results by yourself.