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    Ear Lobe Repair in Jaipur: Causes, Benefits, Procedure & Treatment

    Ear Lobe Repair in Jaipur

    Your ears form an essential and imperative part of your body. And by having them pierced, females love to flaunt their jewelry. But the drilled hole gets so large at times it looks hideous and breaks off the earlobe. If the earrings are heavy or the ear lobules are small or lax, this may happen. It stretches a symptom of aging droopy earlobes, along with the elongation of the earlobes caused by age, the earlobes can be further stretched by years of wearing heavy earrings and ear gadgets. At Cosmo-Hair Jaipur, Dr. Buddhi Prakash Sharma will recover the silhouette and appearance of the ear lobes during an ear lobe repair in Jaipur to create a younger-looking appearance.

    Ear stretching is a procedure to change the shape, positioning, or size of the ears, also known as cosmetic ear surgery. Even though it may seem like a new procedure, for thousands of years, humans have been stretching their ears.

    Earlobe causes

    It can be red, sore, and painful to have a swollen earlobe. Infection, allergies, and injuries are common causes of earlobe swelling. While we can treat most earlobe injuries with over-the-counter medication and home remedies, if the symptoms are terrible, see the doctor. Several factors cause swollen earlobes. Each has a variety of symptoms of its own.


    For most people, this is the most common cause of a swollen earlobe. At the time of the piercing, a certain amount of pain and swelling is usual, which should go away within two days. The piercing rejection or an infected piercing can also be because of swelling. If there is constant swelling and discomfort, you will need to see your doctor. Going up a gauge may cause similar symptoms for individuals who use gauges.

    Allergic Reaction

    Allergic reactions, especially to certain kinds of jewellery, may cause swelling of one or both earlobes. The nickel in earrings can cause inflammation and swell in most allergic reactions. With any residual symptoms, removing the earrings and opting to wear those that don’t contain nickel will help.


    Any earlobe injury, including an injury as mild as wearing earrings that are too small, can cause swelling. Injured earlobes, along with swelling, can be painful and sore.

    Auris hematoma

    An external deformation of the ear is hematoma Auris, also known as the cauliflower ear. It can occur after the ear is damaged. In contact sports such as wrestling, boxing, and martial arts, it is most often established.

    Hematoma Auris develops in the outer ear when blood collects. When the injury isn’t drained properly, it can cause infection and deformity. There may be bruises and discomfort, in addition to swelling.


    Mastoiditis, found in the inner ear, is a mastoid bone infection. Structurally, the mastoid bone is unlike other bones in the body. It is composed of air sacs and appears like a sponge. Besides redness and swelling, signs of mastoiditis include:

    • Drainage from the ear that was affected
    • The Pain
    • A fever
    • Headaches
    • Hearing failure

    Prevention tips of the Ear lobe

    Be sure to stay away from anything that can cause allergic reactions and rashes to avoid a swollen earlobe.

    For instance, if you have had allergic reactions to this material in the past, avoid earrings that contain nickel.

    Keeping your ears clean will also help. To clean it, use only the outside of the ear with a cotton swab or damp washcloth.

    Treatment option

    There are a variety of ways to treat swollen earlobes, but the cause of the swelling will depend on the procedure.

    Next, to get the swelling down, try a few home remedies. A cold compress can minimize the flow of blood to the area, which can ease the symptoms of swelling. A warm compress will help if you think you have a cyst on your earlobe. Over-the-counter pain medicine can also be effective if the earlobe is sore. You’ll need antibiotics with bacterial infections. These can be taken either orally or topically applied. Try topical antihistamines or hydrocortisone creams for insect bites and other allergic reactions.

    When to see a doctor

    With quick home remedies, we can take swollen earlobes care of most times. However, it’s necessary to seek your doctor’s advice in some situations. Make an appointment with your doctor if home remedies do not ease earlobe swelling and other symptoms.

    Also, contact your doctor if your earlobe is oozing with greenish or yellowish pus, or if you have a significant allergic reaction. A doctor may need to drain the site with any cysts or abscesses. If you develop a bacterial infection, you’ll still need a doctor to prescribe antibiotics for you.

    Treatment for any damage to the earlobe is also important, as certain underlying conditions can cause hearing loss if left untreated. It is typically easy to treat with home remedies in situations where a swollen earlobe can not be avoided. It may need medical intervention in some situations, but getting advice early may help avoid potentially severe complications.

    Benefits of Earlobe Repair Surgery

    Many younger people with regretfully over-stretched lobes have been left with the latest trend of stretching out earlobe piercings. We can also leave you with a disfigured earlobe by damage from having an earring cut out. If you have a misshapen lobe and are considering surgically fixing it, earlobe repair surgery may bring some advantages that you need to weigh into your final decision.

    • Whatever your age, covering a damaged earlobe with your hair limits your style and cut choices. In professional workplaces where short, off-the-collar cuts are the expected norm, males, in particular, can find it difficult to cover such an injury with longer hair.
    • It is not the appearance most of us wish to express to draw attention to a damaged earlobe with jewellery, but many people feel forced to wear jewellery to show a polished, professional appearance. If because of a damaged lobe, you can not wear earrings, surgical repair can once again make it possible.

    About the Procedure of Ear Lobe Repair

    Earlobe surgery aims to restore the ears to a natural appearance or create a new earlobe position that is better proportioned to the rest of the face.

    This surgery can correct the ear for partial, complete, or multiple tears. When a pierced ear is elongated and stretched with large gauges or heavy earrings, they commonly cause partial tears. Total tears occur when the ear’s bottom lobe is split completely. Multiple tears are caused either by external trauma or when the bottom lobe is completely torn through many earring holes.

    The area will be cleaned and marked for the expected removal before surgery begins. To provide relief for the patient during the simple 10-15 minute operation, they will infiltrate the earlobe with a local anesthetic. The elliptical tear would be excised and sutured if the tear in the lobe is partial and does not split through the bottom of the ear.

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    An earlobe can indicate several health problems, so paying attention to how it develops is crucial. Most of the time, care at home, without the aid of a doctor, is simple enough. However, if the swelling does not go down with time, if home remedies do not work, or if you think it’s a symptom of something more severe, contact your doctor.