What are the Causes of Hair Loss in Men?

Hair loss problems are very common across men and women. Likewise, the causes are also different. If we explore the causes of hair loss in men, then sometimes we get confused about how that is possible. But in reality, it is right to conclude that after diagnosing the cause, only a person can approach the doctor for treatment. Usually, patients go for a hair transplant in Jaipur after diagnosing the cause. Here we are exploring the causes of hair loss in men so that you can easily understand it and get in touch with the doctor as soon as possible for the treatment.

Causes of hair loss in men:


Genetics is the primary reason behind hair loss in males. Male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia is the condition that takes place due to genes. Due to hormonal changes, the hair follicles shrink, which contributes to hair loss. The pattern of baldness depends on the family history as well. In some cases, not only hair gets thin but gets fine, soft, and shorter as well.

Stress or shock:

Stress or shock is the condition that triggers different changes in the human body. In some cases, it leads to hair loss as well.

Medical issues:

There is evidence that medical issues also contribute to hair loss problems. A person is suffering from a thyroid disease or any other chronic disease May result in hair loss issues, which seem to be unbearable.

Medical treatment:

Some medical treatments are also there, which contributes to hair loss issues Especially in the case of chemotherapy or radiation treatment for hair loss is very common. With time, the hair will grow back, but initially, a person will notice severe hair loss.

Impulse control disorder:

Impulse control disorder is the sudden feeling in which a person was to pull out their own hair. It is a chronic condition referred to as trichotillomania, and it only affects 1 to 2% of adults and teenagers.

Immune system response of the person:

The immunity system of a person can also lead to different conditions, and especially alopecia areata will be noticed. In some cases, it has been seen that a person’s immunity system is not sufficiently strong that it supports hair growth. The immune system attacks the hair follicles, which causes small patches of hair. No pain or sickness is involved, but a major impact has been shown.


Grooming is also responsible for hair loss. Sometimes due to utilization of different type of chemical products, it may lead to hair loss problems. It can be temporary hair loss that contributes to alopecia.

Following are the causes of hair loss in men. It is essential for people to get in touch with the doctor having the treatment available. Dr. Buddhi Prakash Sharma is one of the renowned plastic surgeon who is having hair loss treatment available at Cosmo-Hair. Being one of the plastic surgeons performing the best hair transplant in Rajasthan, he is in demand. Approach him and get the treatment done.

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