Care after Hair Transplant

Care after Hair Transplant by Dr. Buddhi Prakash Sharma: Hair Transplant, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon in Jaipur at Cosmohair Clinic.

In this video, Dr Buddhi Prakash Sharma, the hair transplant specialist has provided the safety tips need to follow for the initial weeks after hair transplant. Along with this, he has also shared about the hair shedding process of which most people get worried.

Here are the safety tips:

  • After hair transplant don’t touch your implanted hair for at least 2 weeks. If you touch them, it will move and will not adhere to the skin properly.
  • The root of the graft went inside the head. The epidermis (upper part of the hair) shouldn’t get dry therefore it needs to be kept wet for 5-7 days. We provide a saline fluid for this which you can spray on the graft to keep them wet.  
  • Gym and Exercise should be avoided for 2-3 weeks.  
  • ou can continue your normal routine after hair transplant and work but you need to avoid the field activities or outdoor activities. 
  • You need to sleep with your face straight upward for 4-5 days to prevent swelling on the face. 

After 2 weeks, you can start touching your hair, rubbing them. As you will begin to apply oil on your hair, they will start shedding. Hair shedding after a hair transplant is a common phenomenon, so no need to get worried about it.

Nearly 60-70% of people suffer complete hair shredding, 20-30% people suffer nearly half hair shredding and about 10% of people suffer one-third hair shredding.

You no need to get worried about this. The hair shredding takes place for the initial 2 months and after 3 months, the hair will start to grow again.

For full growth it may take 6 months to 1 year.

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